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Dental Equipment Repair & Maintenances in Pennsylvania

Dental materials (equipment and tools) cost a lot. So replacing them every time they show a defect does not seem much practical but repairing them is. Wise Dental Repair in Ohio is helping dental clinics in Pennsylvania and Ohio since long time back. We have factory-trained technicians and our dispatch vans are equipped with almost all the materials required for repairing and maintenance of dental equipment in Pennsylvania.

We repair any kind of dental equipment regardless of sizes and types. We have been helping dental clinics run their utility systems to dental lasers, instruments for orthodontic, endodontic,pedodontic, prosthodontics treatment and all other dental related equipment.

We sell dental equipment!

Wise Dental Repair in Pennsylvania has been selling both new and used dental supplies since long time back in Pittsburgh and other areas. We have partnered with major brands to offer you latest dental equipment for more effective dental practices.

We sell used dental equipment as well in Pennsylvania!We can both service and handle fiber optic replacement, slow speed dental hand pieces and their attachments, scalers, contra angles, latch heads, prophy heads and quick connects.Those who are looking to purchase new or used dental hand pieces in Pennsylvania can have a look at our equipment catalog. Used instruments that we deal with are of excellent quality and we ensure this. Moreover, we provide warranty for most of the products that we sell.

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