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Dental handpiece repair, California

Properly working dental handpieces are essential for a smooth dental practice.  This is why proper maintenance of handpieces is a must in dental business. Wise Dental Repair has been in dental business since years offering all kind of handpieces repair and maintenance. We have been serving California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Indiana, Florida and nearby States with dental instrument repair service.

How often do you need handpiece repair service?

You need to repair low-speed handpieces once every six months. But remember, high-speed handpieces need repair more rapidly than low handpieces because of high-speed rotation, inside temperature and pressure.

Things you may have blundered:

I have seen even the experienced dental personnel slipped up when it comes to handpiece maintenance. So this is the reason they have to arrange a meeting with dental equipment repair people in California. Some common errors are:
•         Insufficient lubrication at the bearings
•         Excessive air pressure
•         Use of inappropriate sterilizers
•         Use of handpieces  of untrustworthy brands

Dental handpiece store in California

Wise Dental Repair is more than just a dental instrument repairing company. It is also a dental store offering quality and top brand dental instruments including handpieces in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Texas, Florida, California and more.

Contact us

If you need a new handpiece or need a handpiece repair service in California, Wise Dental Repair is at your service.  Call us at (888) 411-6933 or contact us online.

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