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Handpiece repair, Texas

Handpieces are in the heart of dental business. So their proper functioning plays a very big role in dental labs and clinics. However, dental handpieces are among those dental equipments that need regular maintenance and frequent repair. At Wise Dental Repair, we have been providing handpiece maintenance, repair and replacement services in Texas since the beginning.

Which part of Texas are you based at?

Houston? Dallas? Austin? San Antonio? Fort Worth? - Or somewhere else? Wise Dental serves entire Texas with our dental equipment repair service including handpieces, prophy jets, scalers and all other dental instruments.

How long does a handpiece last?

It depends on how well we use, how frequent maintenance we do. Also, high speed handpiece need repair and replacement of parts more repeatedly as comrpared to low speed handpiece because of the lower running speed and high pressure handling capacity.

So to be generic, I advise to contact us every 6 months for low handpiece repair. And remember, you need to contact us more frequently of high speed handpieces repair.

Why choose us?

  •  We desire long-term relationship with every dental clinic and lab. Think how we keep them attached with us? – By loyalty, high quality and accessibility.
  •  Wise Dental Repair is not just a usual dental repair company but a vision. We have an ambition of growing our dental equipment repair and trade business nationwide.
  •  We provide emergency dental repair service with our any time ready to dispatch vehicle. Our dispatch vehicles are filled all the amenities and tools required for dental repair and parts replacement services.

Contact us online or call us at (888) 411-6933.

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