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Dental equipment in Akron- Buy/sell/repair

Building a dental practice is never a low-cost job. Whether you want to build a new one or upgrade existing ones, dealing with dental equipment is an expensive business. Dental practice needs a lot of dental equipment from utility systems to dental lasers, and instruments for orthodontic, endodontic, pedodontic, prosthodontics and other oral treatments and surgeries.

Wise Dental Repair Service is a full service dental equipment dealership situated at Waterloo RD in Mogadore, OH.  We help you maintaining your smooth dental business with our supply and repair of dental equipment in Akron and entire Ohio.

Dental Equipment Repair in Akron, Canton & Other Areas

Every time flawed instruments does not mean you have to replace them with new ones. Wise Dental Repair introduces you the professional and factory trained technicians that can come at your place with our service vehicles at designated time.
If you are finding problems in running your instruments, you should probably give Wise Dental Repair a call.

All kinds of old and new dental supplies:

We have varieties of dental supplies—from new and cutting-edge technology to used equipment.
•    High-speed handpieces
•    Slow-speed handpieces
•    Chairs
•    Compressors
•    Vacuum Pumps
•    Sterilizers
•    Dental Instruments
•    Ultrasonic Scalers
•    Ultrasonic cleaners
•    Prophy Jets
•    PiexoScalers
•    X-Ray Systems
•    Small Equipment
•    Reupholstery
•    Electrosurge and more!

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Wise Dental Repair is one of the top online dental supply companies in Ohio. Give us an opportunity to make your dental practice in Akron better with new equipment.
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