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Dental equipment in Columbus, OH

Wise Dental Repair in Ohio has been selling both new and used dental supplies in Columbus, Akron, Canton, and surrounding areas since years. We have partnered with major brands to offer you latest dental equipment for most effective dental practices. We supply and repair dental equipment of dental practitioners in Ohio with warranties.

We have equipment and products needed for endodontic therapy, oral surgery, orthodontic, endodontic, pedodontic and prosthodontic treatment in Columbus. Wise Dental Repair is a complete dental hand piece repair center for major dental equipments’ brands including Star, Midwest, Kavo, NSK, Champion, Bien-Air and more. We service and handle fiber optic replacement, scalers, all slow speed dental handpieces and attachments, contra angles, latch heads, prophy heads, quick connects and much more.

Dental equipment repair in Columbus, OH

We have a set of well trained employees who are always at your service. We are able to deliver the best and trustworthy service all these years to let you run your business without any obstacle and keep your dental practice smooth.

If you have any dental equipment flawed, call us. We will immediately send you one of our skilled technicians to fix the issue. With the experience in repair and maintenances of countless handpieces, utility equipment, X-ray imaging equipment, dental patient chairs, sterilization equipment and other dental devices, we ensure our repaired tools will lasts for a long time. 

Our dental equipment repair service in Columbus includes all types of dental instruments:
•    Prophy Jet Nozzle Repair
•    Dental Turbine Repair
•    Dental Turbine Repair
•    Dental Turbine Repair
•    Dental Turbine Repair
•    Slow Speed Attachment Repairs
•    Sharpening & Re-Tipping
•    Slow Speed Overhaul
•    Highspeed Overhaul   
•    Dental Handpiece Repair

Wise Dental Repair has the goal to change the way that traditional dental companies have been serving. We want every dental clinic, hospitals and dentists to have the latest technology and new-fangled ways to solve the oral problems. 

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